(MJJ Music / 1995)

01. Anything *
02. 24/7 *
03. Why (duet with Michael Jackson) *
04. Gotta Be You (featuring Herbie) *
05. With You
06. Sexual Attention
07. Memories
08. I Need You *
09. Give Me All Your Lovin’
10. Tease Me *
11. Words Without Meaning
12. Brotherhood

Brotherhood Limited Tour Edition
(Sony Music, 1997)

CD1 Brotherhood

CD2 Bonus tracks
Anything (The 3T & D.T. Remix)
24/7 (Linslee’s Live Mix)
Tease Me (Sex O’Clock Club Mix)
Why (DW Bonus Mix)
I Need You (Linslee Campbell Mix)


The Lost Album
(Sony Music / 1998)

Over 20 songs were recorded for the album and only 12 would have been on it. 3T completed the album in-between Brotherhood and Identity. The album however was never released by Sony due to strained relationships between Michael Jackson (MJJ) and Sony. This album is considered by many fans to be 3T: The Lost Album. In 2010 3T obtainws the rights of their songs back. 3T may release the album or some of the songs when the time is right.

(Warner Music / 2003)

01. Detour
02. Sex Appeal
03. Guilty
04. I Appreciate
05. Party Tonight
06. Stubborn (It’s A Shame)
07. Stuck On You
08. Without You
09. Disappeared
10. They Say
11. Someone To Love
12. Thankful
13. Sex Appeal (Organized Playas Remix)


We Are The World 25 for Haiiti (2010)
If You Leave Me Now (Duet with T-Rio, 2003)
Ice Cream (Klaye feat. Taryll, Klaye Daye, 2000)
One, 2 (Klaye feat. Tj, Klaye Daye, 2000)
Thinkin’ (Soundtrack Trippin’, 1999)
Waiting For Love (Soundtrack Men In Black, 1997)
Endless Christmas (Superstar Christmas, 1997)
Eternal Flame (Duet with Tomoya, 1997)
What Will It Take (Soundtrack Free Willy II, 1994)
Didn’t Mean To Hurt You (Soundtrack Free Willy, 1993)
The Dream Goes On (Soundtrack An American Dream, 1994)
You Are The Ones (Soundtrack An American Dream, 1994)
2300 Jackson Street (2300 Jackson Street, 1989)


Crazy Kind of Guy (David Gest Theme song, 2007)
Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (www.myspace.com/3t, 2006)
Do You Know (Fool For your Love) (myspace.com/3t, 2006)
Lost in Your Love (www.myspace.com/3t, 2006)
Sex Appeal (J5 Remix) (3T @ My Space, 2006)
So Good snippet (TitoJackson.com, 2005)
'Til We Meet Again snippet (demo 3T.com, 2000)
Seems Like Yesterday snippet (demo, 1998)
I’m So Alone (demo, 1998)


29 August, 2012

1. Undeniable
2. Can’t Stop Falling in Love
4. Hope
5. You Girl
6. Dance Floor
7. What Can I Do to Change Your Mind?
8. Best of All Time

My Life Without You
13 May, 2012

1. My Life Without You
2. When You Come Back To Earth
3. Doubt
4. 4ever
5. Be My Girl
6. When It Falls Down
7. Unlove You

Taryll Jackson Songs
4ever (2012)
Much Too Soon (MJ Tribute, 2011)
Be My Girl (early version) (Adidas 2 - The Music, 2010)
Right On Time (2009)
It’s Over Now (2009)
Just Say The Word (2009)
Proud (2009)
Twitter Twitter (Follow Me) (2009)
Don’t Say (2008)
Coming soon (2007)
What’s Behind Your Name (2007)
One Last Time (2007)
2007 (Montage, 2006 - includes snippet of “Tonight” aka “Be My Girl”)
So In Love (2006)
I’m Not Gonna Be ( 2006)
My Page (2006)
Ice Cream (Klaye feat. Taryll Jackson, Klaye Daye, 2000)

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